Thursday, April 30, 2009

23 things -- here we go

"Piano, piano" is what a kind Italian lady said to me in a shop in the mountains, encouraging me to try speaking Italian. I gather it means "little by little" or step by step. So here we go.

I'm already using several of the 23 things and am keen to use this program as a way to "get around" to using some of the others that I've been meaning to explore, such as Flickr.

Re the 7 and a half good habits, I probably find it hardest to "keep the end in mind". Also to find time to play/learn creatively, among many demands for my time. So this program is a nice little endorsement for us to spend a few hours in learning things that may enhance our work.

I am also a bit skeptical about blogs, as a form; I have read that many more people write blogs than read them! and I lack the confessional impulse. But I have set up a blog for the top-notch teaching resources which I send to the academics in Education, where it's useful to be able to look back through the postings; I used the Edna social networking site for teachers, just to see what it's like -- my little blog is at:

I admire blogs which become a humourous artform.