Friday, June 19, 2009


I've heard about LibraryThing for years, so nice to try it out. After adding my first five books, instantly I have a connection with a Queensland poet who has the same lovely book by poet Lydija Cvetkovic in her LibraryThing book collection.
I think this is very much a networking site -- a site for talking about books and making collections to share, not so much a site for finding out, though you can do that too.

Over the years in library work, from time to time people ask how they can make a simple catalague for the book collection of a society, for example. LibraryThing is one very easy answer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WikiLeaks -- radical use of the web

I was interested to read about this inspired use of the web in The Australian weekend magazine of 30-31 May. Through a complex arrangements of servers and by uploading the files from Sweden where the law protects journalists' sources, Wikileaks offers a place where documents of significance can be made public anonymously by people around the world.

The site says:
Have documents the world needs to see? We help you to get the truth safely out.

Among the documents posted has been the United States' classified operations manual for Guantanamo Bay.