Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google Books

I've used Google Books for years now, -- very handy for many previously-awkward information desk questions, such as finding quotations within books. I also show academic staff how to use it to find citations of their publications within books. I find that students use it, finding it helpful to be able to access even sections of a book online, from home.

I've now started a little Google bookshelf of books on Moreton Bay. Nice though none of them can be read online.
I see that in "Advanced search" in Google Books, it's possible to choose to find only books where the fulltext is available, or books which are in the public domain. This is a nice feature I hadn't been aware of before.

Google Books, like Library Thing, could be used to make a little "shelf" of books on a topic, to share with a club or group of interested people.

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