Friday, September 25, 2009

Librivox, Delicious

Librivox looks like a great way of sharing audiobooks, though limited to the public domain. I found classics there, e.g. Shakespeare, Yeats, Melville. Should be a valuable resource for people with a visual impairment, and others who like the audio format. ( And because these books are read aloud by human beings, they should be so much nicer than the robot-voices generated by Adobe pdfs.)

I've put a Librivox book into Itunes to listen to. (It's Yeats, and I hope it won't be in an American accent the whole way through! I was hoping for an Irish voice.)

I've been aware of Delicious for some time, but have now signed up for an account and have copied some of my bookmarks into Delicious. At an Education librarians' workshop last Friday, a teacher who runs workshops for Education Queensland employees shared her Delicious bookmarks with us; a great collection of over 700 Web2.0 sites which may be useful for educational situations. I can see that Delicious offers a way of creating a resource list and very easily sharing it with others with similar interest.

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